V/A "Kad Te Moja Èakija Ubode" c-80 tape
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Format: tape
Compilation of Balcanian and Lithuanian noisers. inspired by infamous Krsto Papiè documentary about life of simple and raw brutality in Bosnian village couple of decades ago. Though at first it had to be more or less HNW compilation. the final result is quite diverse. Balcans offers orthodox harsh noise wall attitude while Lithuanian side is more varied and quite far from walls apart from perhaps Vidinë Ramybë. Lithuanian view on monotony and brutality seemed quite different. Anyways. the final result is quite satisfying 80 minutes tape. It is packed in a6 box with 12 page booklet. Balcans. Walls: Dead Body Collection - perhaps most varied wall from this project that I've heard Sturmegschutz - nice crackling Gigant - warm wall Placenta Lyposuction - final wall Lithuanians. Varied: Pogrom - for the first and perhaps for the last time with lyrics in Serbian Vidine Ramybë - the only Lithuanian wall McKaras - the best and most surprising track from this guy! Excellent noise. Oorchach - Ritualistic meditation on monotony Girnø Giesmës - Slightly poetic brutality