THIRD NAIL "Theos​-​Haimaton" LP
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Format: LP

BlackSeed Prods announces with gladness and delight that a deal has been signed in blood with Black Metal entity THIRD NAIL in order to release their new material "Theos-Haimaton". 

Third Nail is the solo project of Balc (Balmog, Marthyrium, Apologoethia or Avlivad among others) in order to bring forth his vision of pure, obscure and mighty Black Metal 


"Theos-Haimaton" contains four psalms illuminated by the Light that pierces the wounds of God; four distressing songs full of hatred and uncompromising glare guided only and exclusively by sectarianism, intransigence and obstinacy. Third Nail has ben firmly built over the columns and foundations of Black Metal by Balc, aiming to become a new Golgotha that once again claims for the blood of the divine spirit, like a razor's edge on a tremulous throat. 

As Balc himself states: 'Third Nail is not just a solo side project, but a real presence which will take form, with claws, fangs and nerves. Third Nail will be an expresion of how I believe pure Black Metal should be: aggressive, mystic, primitive, but above it all, dangerous and real'.