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Format: LP

Death Mace Records feels excited to announce a new reference to its catalogue. MACE005 is a 12" split LP with 2 new entities rising from the deepest of the Spanish underground. 

SANCTUARIUM brings us total foul & putrid Death Metal from the catacombs of Barcelona. Having released this amazing great recording as a the "Cadaveric Reminiscense" debut demo in late 2021, we felt it really deserved to be published in vinyl format for the delight of the demoralised ones. 

MAGICK HOWL appears as a mysterious entity from the depths of the heinous Abyss with his debut recording "Svlphvrnavt". Over twenty minutes of frowsty and dense Death / Doom Metal full of unhealthy and grisly melodies, sinking the listener into a no-return experience. 

While both bands intruduce unique suggestions to the scene, links as both being one-man bands or the thick and discouraged sounds they offer, makes this split release something outstanding and uncommon in these days of imposed morality and senseless progress. 

This split 12" LP has been released in a limited edition of two hundred copies on 2022 June 1st.