V/A The Forme To The Fynisment Foldes Ful Selden 2x cd
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Format: cd

Dark Britannica is series of compilations from Cold Spring exploring the darker side of contemporary British folk. Final part! 

–Winterfylleth Æcerbot III 5:23

–Sol-De-Muerte Bismerch My Name 3:48

–Finglebone BeFUDDLED 4:02

–Tim Lane (9) Shadow Song (Acoustic) 4:02

–Soldat (2) No One / No Body 4:06

–The Familiars (2) The Shaming Of Agnes Leman 5:12

–The Sound Of Antler Niewe Tsorg 3:49

–Beau (5) The Roses Of Eyam 4:53

–PerKelt Ailien Duinn 4:00

–A Tiding Of Magpies Oaklands 3:17

–CJ Mann & Becky Sharp (3) Fine Lines 3:42

–Thornland Moonlight 5:20

–Larynx And Claw Lone Kimono 5:51

–My Silent Wake Light And Shadows 2:38

–Peleser From The Horse's Mouth 6:16

–Robert Pitcher The Golden Hair Of Maria Orsic (Part Two CSV 6116) 9:41

–Peter Ulrich Lammas Dance 3:17

–sedayneLORE* A Country Life 3:52

–Wolcensmen Shield And Spear 5:30

–Brocc Call Of The Wild Woods 6:08

–Venereum Arvum Dragon Hills 4:53

–Sixpenny Wayke Madron Well 4:53

–Alex Monk Ilud Tempus 5:51

–The Psychogeographical Commission Fires Of London 4:25

–Silver Of World Union The Crossing 5:15

–Sand Snowman Featuring Moonswift Samhain Rain - Arise 4:06

–Tim Lane (9) & Hayley Evenett Gallows Song 7:13

–Sunshine Coding We Build A Pyre 2:03

–Coma Wall Summer 6:34

–Jo Beth Young Rabbit Eyes 3:21

–Nathaniel Mann Whip Crack Away 3:26

–Ignis Astrifer Eldorado 8:21