SERPENTSCOPE #2 magazine
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Format: magazine

For the second time. Serpentscope zine presents what we deem the best in death metal. Like intros on Archgoat records. this catchphrase never gets old. Serpentscope zine. issue two. Sixteen meticulously laid out tabloid pages. Stories about metal of death and loss of life. Offset printed. Includes interviews with Abhorrence. Adorior. Antediluvian. Antropomorphia. Burial Invocation. Cruciamentum. Death Strike. Degial. Grippiud. Infinitum Obscure. Lustration. Morbus Chron. Obliteration. Orator. Pustulation. Razor Of Occam. Ruminations. Swallowed. Time Crypt. Unholy Crucifix. The Vein. and Whore. All interviews from 2011-2012. A collaborative issue between Kaleidoscope and The Serpent Bearer zines.