Majesty of the Crimson Moon "The Whispering of the Fullmoon" LP
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Format: LP

Black Metal. An album that evokes an inclination that it was crafted in two planes of existence simultaneously. Synths warble and vibrate as an ever sinister presence harkening one’s own demise. The guitars are caught in an endless duel, striking and clashing with a relentless fury. Ravenous vocals and expressive drums seek to anchor these two elemental forces, providing focal points within the madness. A nightmarish journey into hysteria that is as rewarding as it is punishing. - Pressed on 140g vinyl housed in a 300gsm Single sleeve cover Reverse printed with Matte finish and 3mm spine. - Includes a double-sided 12x12" insert printed on high quality Artika Paper. - Black poly-lined inner sleeve and high quality protective sleeves. - Specifically mastered for vinyl by Haris V. at The Eleventh Tower Studios.