Sepulchral Triumph "Saturnian Mysticism" LP
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Format: LP

Black Metal. Haunting and tortured melodies echo through the ruins of a mausoleum, before erupting into heathenistic majesty. Each track summons bygone eras with the guitars dominating the realm with flowing and triumphant riffs that inspire a sense of longing trapped within the madness. The album as a whole instills a sense that it is forgotten relic of a lost time with an infernal entity revealing the secrets within. Atmospheric and bursting with grandiose ambition, this gem shines within the crypts of black metal. - Pressed on 140g vinyl housed in a 300gsm Single sleeve cover Reverse printed with Matte finish and 3mm spine. - Includes a double-sided 12x12" insert printed on high quality Artika Paper. - Black poly-lined inner sleeve and high quality protective sleeves. - Specifically mastered for vinyl by Haris V. at The Eleventh Tower Studios.