The Kolmas: Kolmas testi LP
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Format: LP

Compiled from the few known THE KOLMAS live performances and recordings especially for this LP, KOLMAS TESTI presents to you entertaining moments with timeless music from over the years. INTRO was recorded live in front of a small crowd in a hot garage in Tornio, Finland, in the early 1980s. The remixed versions of THE KOLMAS-LOGO as well as PUOLET PAAVIA parts 1 and 2 were recorded in IKBAL Studios/Tornio. VIISI OSAA, recorded in IKBAL Studios/Helsinki in the 1990s, were later released by Bad Vugum label (PASSIONS OF LÄJÄ ÄIJÄLÄ bad-50X, 2004).The latest nine compositions, which are set in the city of Oulu, give a finishing touch to the coherent whole of this album. Now available in digital format. Cat power, natural and inspiringly mechanical production.