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Format: tape
Reaching Kutna Hora by Prague I had the chance to travel the countryside of Bohemia.Trees, forest, and finally the bones of Sedlec. A sort of ritual, walking among thetrees to find the glacial white Kutna Hora ossuary. "Forest Ritual" is an auraltestament of a place where death and life becomes a single entity. Instinct Primaland Purba join this dark walk to create an aural experience of bones, cosmicconnections, trees, stones and ancient spirituality.Side one was recorded during the day in a snow storm, side two was recorded overmidnight during a full moon in a silent forest. Fire and ice, day and night, lightand dark, white and black.C20 clear gold tape with 2 large inserts and 8 postcards, all the photos areconceived for this release. Everything is wrapped around by a shroud.