The Suspended Apparition "It's Sealed Inside The Church" cd
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Format: cd

The Suspended Apparition began in the winter of 2022; the idea had long been something that its creator and composer M W Daniels had wanted to bring to fruition. 

His huge fascination with master composers Krzysztof Penderecki, György Ligeti and Edgard Varèse next to outlandish English underground classics such as Current 93 – Nature Unveiled and Nurse with Wound - Homotopy to Marie coupled with his long interest in the supernatural led to him to set about composing the music that became The Suspended Apparition. 

The electronic compositions themselves all work with space, choir, strings and many other uncharted sounds to create a beyond eerie sound world that harks back to the aforementioned elders of composition while moving into another area entirely, a more alien area you could say.