STRATUM TERROR "fixation" cd
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Format: cd

"After several years of silence finally there are some new signs from Stratvm Terror, new full length album for this great Sweden power industrial duo & Raison D´Etre side project, 3rd ST album produced on OEC! Fixation is in our mind, and the world may be a cruel place just as reflected in "Fixation". This album mainly contains unreleased material recorded in 1998-1999, in the vein of the earlier CD album "Genetic Implosion" but way more harsh and brutal, there are also two completely new tracks recorded in 2004 showing a change in direction by combining doom metal and industrial elements in a masterful way, moreover there is a live track recorded at "Nursery Injection Festival" in Stockholm 1998 ... "Fixation" may damage your health but that won’t kill you, only for an hour. And maybe you have learnt something afterwards." Old Europa Cafe