Oscillating Innards "Nadir Emergence" CD
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Format: cd

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Oscillating Innards "Nadir Emergence" CD

Molded and refined throughout 2007 and 2008, Nadir Emergence is the first official CD and second full-length of Oscillating Innards; a document of the recurring and parallel themes of artistic/romantic failure and the forces of insignificance and degradation. Encompassing and hybridizing elements of electroacoustic harsh noise, deliberate tonal studies, atmospheric drone collage and severe power electronics, Nadir Emergence is a dense and breathing environment of evocative sound and lyrics, steeped in continually growing and failing tones, recurring and degrading melody, and vehement sentiment. This is deeply personal music of smoldering roots and crumbling achievement.

"This is an excellent recording, very well thought-out and executed." - Blood Ties WebZine