SALA DELLE COLONNE  "Il Destino della Orchestra Aurora" CD
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Format: cd

Third full length CD by this Italian Martial Industrial project after their sucesfull album out on CMI. “Il Destino della Aurora Orchestra” CD album by SALA DELLE COLONNE. in his symbolic title already declines his strong intentions. with the word “Destino” that can be translated in English either with "Destiny" or with "Doom". We can read it as "The Destiny of Aurora Orchestra". when the September 8. 1943. during the Second World War. the musicians was divided (someone followed the Republic of Salň. others went with the Partisans). to symbolize and remember the tragedy of separation in Italy that followed the end of fascism and the outbreak of civil war that put brothers against brothers. And we can listen it as "The Doom of Aurora Orchestra". following the neoclassical martial orchestration in doom key adopted by Sala delle Colonne in some tracks. an "orchestral doom" like the evolution of the style used in earlier work “XX A.D”. Another great leap in quality and innovation of this eclectic Italian artist. by now well known even outside the neoclassical / martial world in which it was - so far - located.