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Format: cd

Avantgarde Music is glad to [try and] help out X Pianeta label with distribution of their latest offering. a new album by Milan’s sound experi-mentalists Scum from the Sun. Matter. That is the key word to understand this record. The ruins of the modern world we live in represent Matter. the visibile reality that we accept. and the historical present we are involved in. The various ways through which oppression manifests itself are the core subject of this record. Harsh. dark and oppressive tones are used to convey substance. and the tangible thickness of the sound. Drums are used for the first time. in several songs; the most primitive rock instrument which beckons tribal drums and ancient rites. Each track evokes icons and myths from various cultures and eras. offering a journey through mankind’s weaknesses and obsessions. until the metaphorical end of the world and its values.