SATORI "Psychopathology” cd
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Format: cd

We continue cooperation with British industrial veterans Satori and have prepared another Satori release entitled “Psychopathology”. This is not a new album. In the opposite, this is a complete retrospective collection of early works from 80-ies released on cassettes by Broken Flag and Mindscan Tapes and by musicians themselves. Some tracks was lost for the long time and have never been released before. All tracks have been remastered for this release. Maybe some tracks still sound unbelievably amateur, but we have resisted the temptation to remix them. Because all of them preserved a spirit of the “golden” period of post-industrial music with its pure experimentation and absence of nowadays “industrial” cliche. And now, along with “Infection” compilation released by Tesco Organization in far 1995, you can get the full early discography of this outstanding project.