GERRITT "sails the sea of displacement" LP
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Format: LP

But this 12" marks a very interesting change of pace from the project's older, much harsher compositions. Opener "Bon Voyage" is far more minimal and "ambient" (in some sense) than anticipated, using lots of bright sounds, almost metallic in a sense, with light distortion and reverb effects. There are some sweeping undercurrents beneath, at times reaching louder and more abrasive moments, but things are almost always fairly simple and stripped down, rarely leaning towards truly harsher sounds. "Vapor Wakes" takes a similar path, but introduces additional layering and movement. It's still sort of percussive and carries a wide range of tonalities, and there's definitely a bit of glitchiness and a sense of chaos, but nothing too over the top. I enjoy the fact that there are plenty of minimal moments that have an ambient flare. Then "Tongues" is not so dissimilar, just calmer, bringing in strangely ethereal electronic textures, - heading more in that ambient vein, but also cranking out the occasional obvious glitch-styled occurrences in the foreground. "Blindly Follow" closes as the quietest track by far, even more minimal and sparse than "Bon Voyage". It's got a bit more low-end, but barely, so it really comes down to simply being nice and quiet... not to mention more sinister and atmospheric. All of the tracks flow together very well and have equally balanced, clear recordings. The LP comes in a matte sleeve that has the label's blanket high contrast orange and brown artwork on it, using just a clear sticker in a designated space to indicate the artist name and titles. Inside is a simple xeroxed insert with additional visuals on bright yellow paper. All in all I think this a great move for Gerritt, and I would dare say the project has reinvented itself over time. I'm certainly curious to see where this will lead. This is his strongest work to date in my opinion.