PACIFIC 231 & LIEUTENANT CARAMEL "just digging the crazy art" LP
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Format: LP

The first is the pioneer of "noise, experimental, industrial" music, the other would rather be a "sonorous underrated, surreal, sonic alchemist". Their music "Dreamcatcher" and "Les 24 coups au vif" are "sparkling water works" to get drunk. Pacific 231 created a dark aquatic atmosphere whereas Lieutenant Caramel tries to introduce some " zing, pops and flings " in the bubbles. Reflexive and mental, « Just digging the crazy art » is the launch of a vast undertaking of brainscrambling, hum sorry of brainstorming… Pacific 231 put aside his metallic sonorities of the 80s and brings atmospheric waves in harmonic spirals while Lieutenant Caramel flutters about left to right and right to left to impress the participants of this mass for the perpetual time ! both of them to the conquest of the infinity !