Phragments - All Towers Must Fall  LP
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Format: LP

"All Towers Must Fall is an insanely hypnotic and blasphemous album to be noticed among the best offerings from Malignant in the last few years. Play loud." - Igloo Magazine

“Massive droning melodies and ritual ambiance are like the spine-structure of a mesmerizing journey through spheres of the unknown, the untold, the unexplored.” -

"The soundscape Phragments plays doesn’t mourn our disappearance, it is not arrogant in that way, it is mournful that what we left behind cannot describe how it feels to have us gone. Everyone needs an album like this in their library." - Resounding Footsteps

“From the album art to the theme and its execution, All Towers Must Fall hits the mark and brilliantly depicts a war-torn world in the midst of its devastation.” - Terra Relicta

“This is a trip down through the dark. What lies beyond is anybody’s guess.” - Heathen Harvest