UNCELESTIAL "Born With Lucifer´s Mark" 12"mLP
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Label: Northern Heritage
Format: 12" vinyl

With new line-up. side project of Uncreastion´s Dawn continues where they left in "Death´s Tyranny" album, before returned back using UD name! Going further into insanity of obscure and technical guitar riffs and possessed roaring vocals. This is black metal outside the copycat scene and shallow imitators etc. You will hear echoes of Grand Belial´s Key. Mayhem. Morbid Angel. and much more. with result being nothing but 100% Uncelestial. Nearly half an hour of length these days could qualify as "full length". but this 4 tracks + intro recording is 12” pressed on 45rpm with great sound!! Hear mp3 of one of the tracks on below mentioned site. Northern Heritage. NH-065