SIX HEADS "Cardboard Oracle " LP
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Format: LP

Toronto's current kings of collage/cut-up avant surreal-ness. This sextet of confusion led by head "Head" William A. Davison (has worked with Stephen Stapleton(Nurse with Wound). Gastric Female Reflex) have been building a slow dirge of hype over the last decade releasing tapes on Disembraining. Psychform. and Black Horizons to name a few. Six Heads take live mixing to the neither-core. with William mixing the sounds of the five others on the spot. Combining cut-up collage work. found sound field-recordings. circuit-bent electronics. and homemade instruments to make sci-fi induced. satanic backwoods Ozark jams. with an avant engaging creep-core. For serious fans of the Nihilist Spasm band. Glands of Eternal Secretion. Pierre Schaeffer. Climax Golden Twins. Screen printed 2 color sleeves by Andrew Zukerman of Gastric Female Reflex on recycled reversed album jackets with spray painted back sleeve by Disguises/Wintage CEO Kevin Crump on heavy corrugated cardboard stock. with hand stamped center pieces on record. Ltd. Ed. of 300(hand numbered). Wintage.