SKIN AREA/JARL "La Petite Mort" LP + book
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Format: LP + book

Collaborative 12" LP from Martin Bladh and Magnus Lindh (Skin Area/IRM) and Erik Jarl (Jarl/IRM). Surreal, abstract atmospheres alternating between delicate and cerebral to more unsettling and wrought with tension. Symptomatic of instability, affliction, and slow decay, with the instantly recognizable vocals of Martin Bladh navigating through a strewn field of hallucinatory noises, resonant tones & textures, and probing drones. Lmtd 220 copies with 13 individual pages of full color prints designed and written by Martin Bladh. "heavily engaging and strikingly animated due to its detailed attention and layering of the individual sonic textures...delivers experimental ambient drone works of the highest calibre, which whilst clearly born of the underground absolutely elevates itself into a non-derivative niche all its own". Noise Receptor